Sleepless and tired

We had a small party here in the apartment to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest Ates and we slept so late.:(, but it´s ok coz we had so much fun. We almost fainted from laughing-out-loud. hehehe. I went to bed a bit early yesterday than my usual bed time, but I am still tired. It doesn´t help that I had a super busy day at my employers´ coz it´s Monday.

I´m always sleepy in the afternoon at work even if I drink coffee in the morning. How I wish I can function with batteries, so I can use 9v rechargeable battery everytime I feel sleepy. hehehe. Would it be possible soon that humans can be rechargeable like gadgets? hmmm, who knows! With all the hi-tech stuffs now, almost everything is possible. So, let´s see.:)