Hectic schedule

Hectic schedule

I always have a hectic schedule during weekends, just like my weekdays. Sometimes, I do complain about it coz I want to sleep longer and relax, but I just have to look at the brighter side and be thankful that people want me to be involve in their activities and be thankful for the strength and energy that God has given me to do things coz there are a lot of people who want to do such things, but ´can´t due to their illness or circumstances.

I should have bought an Elle or Telva magazine last January that comes with a personalized address book/calendar to organize my scheds. But because I kept on saying later, all the magazine stands nearby my work place don´t have stocks anymore when I finally decided to buy one in the last week of January. I regretted it and now I am using an old planner from 2012.

I have my phone calendar which can be used as an organizer as well, but I want old school.:) Anyone with a spare organizer from Telva or Elle? I will be very happy to accept a late Christmas gift. hehehe.

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