Dental appointment

I have a dental appointment tomorrow, errrr, later today at 11am. So, I should sleep soon. My dentist will fix my front teeth coz one of both have carries that we only saw after my teeth already moved due to to the braces. She will laser it and fix it. One of the metals from my braces fell off the other day, so it will be fixed too. And a portion of the wire was already bent. I just don´t know how it happened. But I suspect that I have eaten something hard and I only discovered about when I already felt some pain when chewing food. Hope all will be fixed tomorrow and hope that it won´t take long coz the schedule for tomorrow is pretty hectic. After the dental check up is the raval carnival, then a service meeting and then a birthday party and I have to be present in all the events. I can´t miss one of them, if I will, there will be people who will be disappointed and I don´t want to disappoint anyone. So, I have to move fast, like a ninja. hehehe.